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Back To Miami: Melissa Stratton Owns

Hey Guys - let me tell you—there's no slowing down in the fast lane. 🚀 After rising to the top as one of the adult industry's most sought-after performers, it's clear the sky's the limit. So, buckle up because this blog post is going to be a saucy recap of my epic journey from the moment I set foot in Miami until now.

My Genesis: The Reality Kings Era 🌟

Let's take it back to March 2022; a month that forever holds a special place in my heart. Why, you ask? Well, it was when I shot my debut scene with Reality Kings in Miami. Yes, that's right. The city of sizzling beaches and thumping nightclubs was where I kicked off this roller coaster of a career. Working with Reality Kings was surreal, and since then, it's been a VIP journey featuring only top-tier talent and studios.

LA and Vegas: Big Studio Dreams 🎬

While Miami was the genesis, Los Angeles and Las Vegas have been the promised land for elevating my career. I've had the privilege of shooting with the industry's best-of-the-best studios, each one more incredible than the last. LA and Vegas, you've been nothing but good to me, and for me, "Miami set the stage, LA and Vegas continued the script. It's like the city's always with me, in spirit and in swag."

The Miami Reunion: Old Faces, New Collabs 🌴

Miami called, and I answered. This time around, it wasn't just Reality Kings; it was a star-studded affair. From Bang Bros to My Pervy Family to Pretty and Raw—I was everywhere, and let me tell you, Miami has never been hotter. 😉 The highlight of this trip? Finally working with Jmac, the Miami King for Mind Geek, now under the enlightened ownership of Ethical Capital Partners. Teaming up with him felt like destiny.

And let's not forget the dynamite collab with newcomer Derek Savage. Mark my words, that scene is going to set your screens on fire! 🔥

What's Coming Next: The Future Is Blazing 🌆

Y'all know I never rest on my laurels. I've got big plans lined up for Fall 2023, and guess where I'll be? LA, baby! With an itinerary packed for October, I'm beyond pumped to bring you more iconic content that's gonna blow your minds. Keep your eyes peeled because it's going to be a season of firsts, collaborations, and lots of surprises. 😏

So, to all my fans and especially to my core audience of adult males—thank you for riding with me on this extraordinary journey. Your support fuels my fire, and together, we're going to make sure the Melissa Stratton brand becomes synonymous with legendary.

Catch you in the next post, and until then, stay fabulous!


Melissa Stratton 💋

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