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Melissa Stratton and Hime Marie bring fantasy to life with Cum4K

I've never had the chance to be a stripper so it's become one of my biggest fantasies. I never dreamed I'd have the chance to make that fantasy become reality until Cum4K!

You guys know that I absolutely love my work, and I'm super excited to share my latest scene in the world of adult entertainment with all of you. There's a fresh new scene out on Cum4K and it's not just hot, it's supernova!

It all begins at a the hottest strip club in Las Vegas

Hime Marie and I are strippers at a Las Vegas club, dancing and flirting on stage. Enter Danny Steele, our generous patron, who walks in one evening, and upon laying eyes on the two of us, he knows he needs to experience both of us.

It's an undeniable thrill to be performing alongside Hime. As many of you know, Hime Marie is an accomplished veteran in the industry. Her experience and talent are second to none. She's the go-to for every director when it comes to scenes that require some "backdoor" expertise. Trust me, with Hime, there's never a dull moment on set!

The setting for this scene was none other than the fabulous city of Las Vegas. Vegas has a long-standing reputation as a hub of adult entertainment, second only to Los Angeles. The bright lights, the constant energy, and the city's open embrace of the adult industry make it a vibrant backdrop for scenes like ours. After all, what happens in Vegas... ends up on Cum4K!

Just like the site name implies, this scene gets messy. We satisfy Mr. Steele Multiple times and he just keeps going! Every wet, messy explosion is caught on camera in, well, 4k!

Las Vegas' adult entertainment scene thrives due to its myriad of strip clubs, adult stores, and conventions like AVN. Its thriving nightlife, full of high-rollers and thrill-seekers, adds to the overall experience of making adult content in this city. Shooting here is always a unique blend of business and pleasure.

Now, let's talk about Danny Steele. Working with him was an absolute pleasure. His intensity added a layer of realism to our scene that I believe you all will appreciate. As the "patron" in our scene, he brought a sense of raw excitement and passion.

I loved this scene and I gave it my all, and I sincerely hope that my dedication reflects in the work. You guys are always so complimentary about my face and eye-contact – so thank you! I kept my blue eyes wide open to the camera for you. Your kind words make every scene worth it.

That's all for now, darlings. This Vegas adventure is live on Cum4K now. Trust me, you won't want to miss it. So, prepare to be transported into a world of pure fantasy and pleasure. It's Vegas, baby!

Stay naughty, loves.


Melissa Stratton

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