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Kitty Baby Nominee Finalist for 2021 YNOT “Emerging Cam Star” Award

Kitty Baby has been awarded a coveted nominee finalist position for the 2021 YNOT Cam Awards in the “Emerging Cam Star (Women)" category. She is one of five finalists for the category that were selected through fan votes. Kitty Baby, known as Melissa Stratton and “KittyBabyCamgirl” on Chaturbate, surpassed over 100 applicants to achieve the prestigious honor.

“This is such a dream come true! It feels very validating to continue camming on Chaturbate because I have fans supporting me” explains Kitty Baby.

This award recognizes cammodels that have been camming for less than three years. Kitty Baby began her cam career in April of 2021, just five months prior to her nomination. In this short time she has become a full-time Chaturbate cammodel performing in the top 10%, cultivated an OnlyFans platform in the top 20% of creators, launched a website with custom inventory, and amassed a large social media following on twitter and other platforms.

“Camming has really changed my life and my self confidence. But my favorite part is that I like to think maybe I bring a little positivity to the lives of the people who watch me” says Kitty Baby.

Final winners will be chosen and announced from top five category finalists at the in-person awards ceremony taking place October 14th in Hollywood, CA. This red carpet event will be live streamed here.

To advance Kitty Baby as the winner please create a YNOT account here and cast your vote here. One vote per day is allowed until voting closes.

For more information on the voting process and event visit

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You are absolutely amazing! You definitely deserve the award! Fingers crossed for you! You have my vote!

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